I am a Mental Health Professional


I have worked as a Mental Health Professional in my home country

And I want to continue my profession while being in the Netherlands

PsyGlobal helps foreign psychologists to find a job as a "basispsycholoog" (basic psychologist) under the supervision of a Dutch psychologist within a so-called “GGZ-instelling” (Mental Health Organization (MHO) that provides funded curative care). We have a network of Dutch MHOs looking to work with foreign psychologists under supervision. If you are interested in working through PsyGlobal, please fill out our application form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. More information about our recruitment process can be found below.


We have recently recorded information sessions for Ukrainian Mental Health Professionals in the Netherlands. In these webinars, we talk about topics as the Dutch Mental Health System, Diploma Validation and the Process of Working as a psychologist through PsyGlobal / Empatia. You can watch the videos by clicking on the button below.

How does the Dutch healthcare system work?

Every citizen of The Netherlands is obligated to have health insurance. The premium for this insurance is paid on a monthly (or yearly) basis. Health insurance entitles you to receive medical care without additional costs. Healthcare institutions like hospitals or MHOs have contracts with health insurance companies and can invoice all their provided care to these insurers. However, to be able to do this, there are certain rules the medical care provider must comply with. For example, MHPs that provide therapy in curative care need to have a specific educational background and the necessary diplomas that come with this education.

To work independently as a psychologist in the Netherlands, you need to be BIG registered. “BIG” stands for Professions in the Individual Healthcare (“Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg”). BIG is an online registry for MHPs. It is difficult for a foreign professional to get BIG registered since you need specific diplomas, and you need to be able to speak Dutch at a professional level (minimum C1).

How can I work as a foreign MHP in a Dutch MHO?

As a foreign Mental Health Professional, it is possible to work as a basic psychologist under the supervision of a BIG-registered colleague in a Dutch MHO. To be able to do so, you must get your diplomas recognized. It is not yet required to have your diploma internationally valued, since the position “psychologist” is not a protected title (not regulated) in the Netherlands. However, we advise you to do so anyway, to be able to show the MHO your credentials. You can read more about the diploma validation process later on this page.

In curative care, most treatments are provided by psychologists. Most MHOs are therefore looking for foreign psychologists to join their teams. Nevertheless, sometimes there are other positions to fulfil such as (psycho) social worker or coach. Please do not hesitate to fill out our application form if you have a background in another field of mental healthcare.

The same holds for foreign psychologists that do not (yet) reside in the Netherlands. Since today's technologies also make it possible to have online therapy sessions, there are also chances to find a job at a Dutch MHO if you are not living in the Netherlands. Please indicate this on our application form and we will get back to you asap.

What can PsyGlobal do for me?

PsyGlobal supports foreign Mental Health Professionals throughout the process of finding paid employment at a Dutch Mental Health Organization. We match requests we get from MHOs to foreign MHPs in our database. If we match you with a MHO, you will get a contract with PsyGlobal. We will pay you according to the Collective Employment Agreement (CAO in Dutch).

We also aim to support you after you have found paid employment at the MHO by offering regular intervision groups led by an experienced group psychologist and continuous learning and development opportunities. All our MHPs have a free subscription to PsyFlix - a platform offering a wide range of educational videos and masterclasses on various topics within the field of psychotherapy and psychodiagnostics.

FAQ about working through PsyGlobal

Recruitment Process

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Dutch Mental Health System

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Specific information for Ukrainian MHPs

How can I work as a displaced Ukrainian in the Netherlands?


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