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Over PsyGlobal

Wie wij zijn

Connecting without borders

PsyGlobal zet zich in om anderstalige (vaak ontheemde) GGZ-professionals te koppelen aan Nederlandse GGZ-instellingen, huisartsenpraktijken, GGD’s en gemeenten. Op die manier krijgen buitenlandse professionals een betaalde baan die past bij hun opleiding en achtergrond. Dit helpt niet alleen bij de integratie in het nieuwe thuisland, het geeft de psychologen en therapeuten ook zingeving en eigenwaarde. Tegelijkertijd zorgt PsyGlobal er op deze manier voor dat cliënten met psychische klachten, die niet de Nederlandse taal machtig zijn, toegang hebben tot cultuursensitieve preventieve of curatieve geestelijke gezondheidszorg, in hun moedertaal.

PsyGlobal werkt als tussenpersoon: Enerzijds ondersteunen wij organisaties bij de werving en selectie van professionals. Anderzijds ondersteunen we de professionals in het sollicitatieproces en bieden we hen na plaatsing vakinhoudelijke trainingen en intervisie aan.

Wat we bereiken

  • We zorgen dat mensen met psychische problemen ook buiten hun thuisland behandeld worden door professionals die dezelfde taal spreken en dezelfde culturele achtergrond hebben
  • We zorgen dat GGZ professionals ook buiten hun thuisland kunnen werken in een betaalde baan die past bij hun achtergrond en ervaring
  • We zorgen dat wachtlijsten worden verkort, huidig personeel wordt ontlast, kosten dalen en behandelingen efficiënter en effectiever worden.

Hoe we dit doen

  • We werven en selecteren anderstalige GGZ professionals die op dit moment niet werkzaam zijn in hun vakgebied
  • We bieden up-to-date informatie die GGZ professionals helpt in het proces van vertalen en valideren van diploma’s en referenties
  • We matchen professionals met organisaties waar zij ingezet kunnen worden in een betaalde baan
  • We informeren anderstalige cliënten met psychische klachten over het proces voor het verkrijgen van psychische hulp in Nederland en de mogelijkheid om deze hulp te krijgen van een GGZ professional met dezelfde moedertaal en culturele achtergrond
  • We informeren huisartsen, gemeenten en gastgezinnen over locaties waar onze GGZ professionals werkzaam zijn

Ons team

Esther Haaijema


I am a psychotherapist and I have been providing treatment to clients for over a decade, mainly focusing on clients with personality disorders. I love working directly with clients but also found that change is needed to prevent that too many people will have to wait unnecessarily long for mental help. Therefor, I founded PsyGlobal, which connects my background in humanitarian aid (NOHA) with my professional career as a psychotherapist. My main focus with PsyGlobal is to make sure our services are of high standard quality. I do this by taking into consideration peoples’ needs and combining this with empirical findings and research about mental health care.
Esther Haaijema

Baer Jonkers

Founder & Project Lead

With a background in clinical psychology and financial and project management in the mental health care industry for over a decade, I was very happy to meet Esther at the right moment in time. The last 5 years I have been putting all my efforts in optimizing mental healthcare for refugees living in The Netherlands. I truly believe that being active, feeling respected and having purpose and prospect to a better future adds a lot to your mental health. PsyGlobal offers this to so many professional people who currently live in a different country than their home country. By offering them a job and helping others that are in need: in their own language, taking into account the cultural differences that are so important in mental health and understanding each other.
Baer Jonkers

Lars van den Brandhof

Account Manager

I am a passionate healthcare advisor. Through BMC I was given the great opportunity to work as an interim accountmanager for Psyglobal. I am very results-oriented because I often have a clear goal in mind. I then try to achieve this goal with great enthusiasm. I find contact and connection with people very important and I like to help others move forward. In this way I hope to be of value to every client that needs help. The (mental health) care landscape is becoming increasingly complex and the pressure is increasing from all angles. I am therefore very motivated to work with Psyglobal to find a suitable solution for mental health care organisations, in order to help people who need help. Furthermore, I am always in for a cup of coffee so don’t hesitate to contact me!
Lars van den Brandhof - Accountmanager

Ruben Arnold

Account Manager

I am always building new relationships. This is the first time that I work in (mental) health care and I am loving it. Especially since we are really doing the right thing, here at PsyGlobal. Many municipalities and mental health organisations are struggling to help clients that do not speak Dutch or English. For me, it does not feel like work to help them with this struggle, while we are helping refugees with their struggles at the same time. 

Health care is very culturally sensitive. A psychologist or mental health professional from the same culture as the client will achieve better results then Dutch professionals. Let’s get together and help more people.

Ruben Arnold - Account Manager

Rosemarie Lambers

Recruitment Lead

Having worked in different companies and environments brought me the ability to adapt to all kinds of people, challenges, stakeholders and company cultures. As an interim recruiter and consultant, I worked in a variety of organizations (healthcare, childcare, professional services). In this assignment with Psyglobal all my professional experiences comes together; creating meaningful touchpoints together with the recruitment team and contributing to a professional workplace were we select mental health professionals to contribute to Dutch (healthcare) organizations.
I had the amazing opportunity to live in Belgium for seven years with my family. This has opened up my mindset and got me out of my comfort zone. Professionally, I always aim for a pragmatic approach and a pleasant team spirit. 

Rosemarie Lambers - Recruitment Lead

Kateryna Kovalenko

Recruiter – Ukrainian nationalities

I am thrilled to be working at PsyGlobal as a Project Coordinator/Recruiter for Ukrainian Mental Health Professionals. I love turning ideas into organized and structured actions. I’m not just a task manager, but a problem solver and effective communicator who anticipates challenges and finds appropriate solutions. As a proud Ukrainian, I am delighted to be able to work towards enhancing the mental health of my compatriots in the Netherlands. My personal motivation and choice of professional development path are deeply rooted in my passion for psychology. I am thrilled to be part of a great and friendly team and to use my knowledge and experience in project and recruitment management to achieve our common goals. I’m passionate about making a meaningful impact in my profession!
Kateryna Kovalova - Project Coordinator

Seray Soyman

Recruiter – Other Nationalities

As a mental healthcare professional with a background in psychology and sexology, I take pride in being part of the motivated team of experts at PsyGlobal, where I serve as the Recruiter for non-Ukrainian Mental Health Professionals. As a psychologist, I utilise interventions that are evidence-based including cognitive behavioural therapy and sex and relationship therapy. I work with individuals who speak English and Turkish and tailor their treatment according to their specific needs and goals. Apart from my practice, I have spent the last five years as a Trainer / Facilitator, organising training programmes that cover a range of mental and sexual health topics. My goal at PsyGlobal is to ensure that mental healthcare professionals worldwide have access to sustainable jobs that align with their education and experience while contributing to reducing waiting lists for treatment in the Netherlands.

Seray Soyman - National Liaison Turkey (Türkiye)

Myra Haakman

Psychological Lead

After my studies I had the privilege of conducting training sessions on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Mozambique and Kenya. It was during these experiences that my love for cross-cultural collaboration and cultural sensitivity started. My dedication deepened when I encountered the challenges faced by non-native clients seeking mental health care in the Netherlands. In 2019 I co-founded the foundation Wereldpsychologists. We have the goal to provide psychosocial support to refugees in crisis situations. I’m very happy to be now part of the team of Psyglobal as the psychological lead and to connect not only Dutch professionals to clients but also professionals with the same demographic background to non-native clients. This way I can contribute to improving the access of culturally sensitive mental health care in the Netherlands and across the globe.
Myra Haakman - psychological lead

Ursula de Korte

Learning & Development Manager

I am proud to join the PsyGlobal team, to work together with such an enthusiastic group of professionals and to be part of this great initiative. As a GZ-psychologist, I have extensive experience in providing psychological treatment and in particular multidisciplinary counseling to people who get stuck in work and life due to mental and physical symptoms. This with the aim of recovery and increasing strength to return to work in balance with renewed perspective. In developing these trainings, I have experienced that perspective and participation in society through work is extremely important for many people. It gives me great satisfaction to create this in a team. As Learning and Development Manager, I focus on the development of training and education for foreign-speaking Mental Health Professionals who work through PsyGlobal and want to develop both personally and professionally.

Ursula de Korte - L&D Manager

Anna Korenromp

Communication Specialist

In my work as communication specialist, I am always looking to make maximum impact; putting my experience and creativity into action in projects that do good for the planet and its people. PsyGlobal is a great example of a project that ‘does good’ and I am super excited to be part of this great initiative. My goal is to get as much Mental Health Organisations, municipalities, local health authorities and GP practices as possible to open their doors for our great Ukrainian and other non-Dutch psychologists and their potential clients. I am looking forward to reaching this goal through a sharp communication strategy, both online and offline. You will be seeing a lot of PsyGlobal in the near future, stay tuned!
Anna Korenromp - Communications Specialist